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Monday, September 20, 2010

Mastermind Group

Mastermind Group

Forming a Mastermind Group is essential for building wealth and bouncing ideas off of like minded people. It becomes a place to brain storm ideas and formulate plans.
Start by finding at least one other person with like goals and mindset as yourself.
Ensure these people are positive and have open minds to new ideas. Try to meet at least once a week. Over time you will become close, and will be able to network though each other and will find many more doors opening for yourselves.
Start off introducing yourselves then formulate a list of goals that each of you wish to attain, list your strong points and your weaknesses. You will find that as a group you will be able to cover more area due to a diverse list of strong points and will be able to work on your week points. You may even be able to formulate a business out of this group that will make you all very wealthy.
Talk with the group about your ideas and what you are doing so far. Train each other in the various areas that each of you excel in.
Forming a group like this will really help you in your quest to build wealth.

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