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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ways to make a little extra on the side

Here are some ways to make a little extra on the side without using much time at all. They are sites that pay you to perform an action, like read an email, click on and view an advertisement, or take an online survey.
I have personally made money from each of these sites I am going to list. I have received payments from them with no problems and no games or catches.

I will never put any information on this blog that I do not believe in and or have proven to work.

Yes if anyone clicks the links below and signs up for any of the programs they will become my referral and I will receive payment for actions they perform. But it is not really about that, it is about getting the word out about products that can help you make a little extra on the side. None of these will make you wealthy, but may help you out. I use the money I get from these programs for my trading account.

The best way to earn extra money from these programs is through referrals, they are a source of almost passive income, all you have to do is click your ads for the day and you get credit for your referrals clicks. With NeoBux it only takes maximum of 2 minutes a day to click your ads. In these tough economic times most of us would not mind making a little extra money.
Start with these programs today to add another stream of income to your portfolio! - 
------ This site pays you to view 30 second ads. I just click on them and run them in the background while I am doing actual work, or other things. They have a $10.00 payout which without any referrals you can hit about every other month. You can also get paid for people you refer when they click on ads. -
------ This site pays you to view ads also. This site has a payout of $2.00 and pays INSTANTLY! I have been paid many times from them instantly into my Paypal account. They also allow you to use AlertPay also.
They also have a referral program that pays you for actions performed by people you refer. -
------ This is a good survey site that pays well. I have received many payments and actually made a decent amount of money from them. These surveys actually take your time to do, they are not passive action like the ones listed above. If you are bored and or have spare time they can be a source of extra funds.

There are others out there I may talk about in the future, but these are mainly to show you what some of the things are that are out there.

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