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Monday, October 11, 2010

Useful sites

I just wanted to post up some useful financial sites I use for research or just general knowledge.

MSN Money -
Yahoo Finance -
Investopedia -
Phil Town -
Rich Dad Poor Dad -
Robert G. Allen -
One Minute Millionaire -

These sites offer a lot of good information that you might find useful.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Micro Penny Stocks

So I got a new idea for my 2 year old. The idea is for him to invest long term in the micro penny stocks that I trade. My thinking behind this is that if he owns say 20 companies with about $50.00 in each he would own between 1,600 and 250,000 shares of each (range of $0.0002 to $0.03).

Say if 16 of them failed completely, 4 of them would not. Say out of those 4, 1 made it to $1.00 per share, bam that is $1,600 to $250,000, then say if the other 3 made it to say $0.50 that would be another $2,400 to $375,000!

For a total of between $4,000 and $625,000! With a total input of only $1,000. But we are talking about this amount of money coming from only $200 because the other 16 companies failed for a loss of $800.

Now that is what I call return on capital! Then again this might work for him because he has 16 years to invest before he is even an adult.

Can you imagine the possibilities if he was into 60 companies instead of 20? Wow, now there is great opportunity!

Here are some of the stocks I am looking at for him to do some long term investing.

Assuming he has $50.00 in each here is how it would break down:

Franklin Mining - FMNJ ($0.0002) 250,000 shares.
Pacific Gold Corp - PCFG ($0.0029) 17,241 shares.
Green Star Energies - GSRE ($0.0013) 38,461 shares.
ParaFin Corp - PFND ($0.002) 25,000 shares.
Genova Biotherapeutics - GVBP ($0.005) 10,000 shares.
MultiCell Technologies - MCET ($0.0045) 11,111 shares.
Axia Group - AGIJ ($0.03) 1,666 shares.
Frontier Energy - FRGY ($0.0003) 166,666 shares.
International Building Technologies - INBG ($0.0002) 250,000 shares.

Now that is a start, so I will track this virtual portfolio and see how he does. (The actual stocks I invest in for him may vary)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Gold and Silver on the rise!

Gold and Silver on the rise!

What I have heard about this from many sources is that Gold may be set to go over $2000 an ounce and that Silver may hit as high as $200 an ounce.
I know that this is speculation but with the economy the way it is today and the dropping value of the dollar this does seem viable.
Also China is buying a lot of Gold and Silver and they are really pushing their citizens to invest in them also. Can you imagine if most of the people in China start buying Gold and Silver what that could do to the prices of these metals? They could really skyrocket.
I am not saying that this will happen, but a lot of research that has been done on the topic really makes sense to me.

Check out this information from Silver

More than 95 respected economists, academics, analysts and market commentators are of the firm opinion that gold will go to $2,500 and beyond before the parabolic peak is reached. In fact, the majority (55) think a price of $5,000 or more - even as high as $15,000 – is actually more likely! As such, just imagine what is in store for silver given its historical price relationship with gold!

Here is some more information from Money

Once upon a time, the Chinese government forbade ownership of all precious metals.
But now, the ban has been lifted. In fact, China just introduced silver bars for investment. And now, state-run China Central Television (CCTV) is running a campaign encouraging the population to invest in silver.
That means there are over a billion potential new silver investors hitting the market. This is especially significant when you consider the average savings rate in China is 30 to 40%.
But the flood of new Chinese silver investors isn’t the only factor driving up silver prices. The increased use of silver in everything from solar cell technology to medicine is pushing up prices as well.

Take a second to think how much of an impact this will have on the silver market – the sheer amount of people, and at such a high rate of savings. Then you factor in Chinese demand for things silver is need to make – cell phones, computer, batteries, silverware and jewelry. China’s silver consumption already accounts for 70% of the global total of industrial use and its middle class isn’t even close to reaching its spending potential. What’s more, those aren’t the only reasons analysts are predicting silver prices can reach as high as $100 this year and $250 by 2015.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Mastermind Group

Mastermind Group

Forming a Mastermind Group is essential for building wealth and bouncing ideas off of like minded people. It becomes a place to brain storm ideas and formulate plans.
Start by finding at least one other person with like goals and mindset as yourself.
Ensure these people are positive and have open minds to new ideas. Try to meet at least once a week. Over time you will become close, and will be able to network though each other and will find many more doors opening for yourselves.
Start off introducing yourselves then formulate a list of goals that each of you wish to attain, list your strong points and your weaknesses. You will find that as a group you will be able to cover more area due to a diverse list of strong points and will be able to work on your week points. You may even be able to formulate a business out of this group that will make you all very wealthy.
Talk with the group about your ideas and what you are doing so far. Train each other in the various areas that each of you excel in.
Forming a group like this will really help you in your quest to build wealth.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ways to make a little extra on the side

Here are some ways to make a little extra on the side without using much time at all. They are sites that pay you to perform an action, like read an email, click on and view an advertisement, or take an online survey.
I have personally made money from each of these sites I am going to list. I have received payments from them with no problems and no games or catches.

I will never put any information on this blog that I do not believe in and or have proven to work.

Yes if anyone clicks the links below and signs up for any of the programs they will become my referral and I will receive payment for actions they perform. But it is not really about that, it is about getting the word out about products that can help you make a little extra on the side. None of these will make you wealthy, but may help you out. I use the money I get from these programs for my trading account.

The best way to earn extra money from these programs is through referrals, they are a source of almost passive income, all you have to do is click your ads for the day and you get credit for your referrals clicks. With NeoBux it only takes maximum of 2 minutes a day to click your ads. In these tough economic times most of us would not mind making a little extra money.
Start with these programs today to add another stream of income to your portfolio! - 
------ This site pays you to view 30 second ads. I just click on them and run them in the background while I am doing actual work, or other things. They have a $10.00 payout which without any referrals you can hit about every other month. You can also get paid for people you refer when they click on ads. -
------ This site pays you to view ads also. This site has a payout of $2.00 and pays INSTANTLY! I have been paid many times from them instantly into my Paypal account. They also allow you to use AlertPay also.
They also have a referral program that pays you for actions performed by people you refer. -
------ This is a good survey site that pays well. I have received many payments and actually made a decent amount of money from them. These surveys actually take your time to do, they are not passive action like the ones listed above. If you are bored and or have spare time they can be a source of extra funds.

There are others out there I may talk about in the future, but these are mainly to show you what some of the things are that are out there.

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Law of Attraction

You probably know someone who is great at manifesting the things they desire into their lives. You may even have felt somewhat jealous of that person because it appears they have everything, seemingly getting these things with minimal effort.

As with any other skill people have, manifesting is no different from riding a bike. How good you are at it depends on how efficient you have become at using it and how well you understand it. Although some of us are better at different things that does not mean the rest of us, with practice, can't improve or even surpass the ability that others have.
Those people who are good at using the law of attraction have trained their minds to focus on their desires. They have learned it so well that they often do not realize how they do it. Abundance comes naturally to them.

Getting a better understanding of how the "Law of Attraction" works is the first step in bringing abundance into your life.

We create our own reality. We attract those things in our life (money, relationships, employment, physical health) that we focus on. I wish I could tell you that it is as simple as stating an affirmation, but no affirmation is going to work if your thoughts or feelings are not in line with your affirmations.

When we focus on "having less" we create that experience for ourselves. When we focus on "I hate my job" then we never notice the aspects of our employment that might be satisfying. Just wanting something is not going to bring that into our lives. When we continue to obsess on not having something we want. We will experience "not having" and will ultimately block our true desires.

Another mistake that we make is that we tend to think of abundance in terms of how much money we have in our bank accounts.

When we are focused on "not enough" it will not matter how much money we have, it will never be enough.

Trading Stocks Online

Trading Stocks Online

There are many companies that offer online trading platforms. I personally like Scottrade, they have $7.00 trades and a lot of really nice tools and research options.
If anyone is interested in setting up a Scottrade account contact me and I can get you a code to enter when you join that is good for 3 free trades.
I do not label myself as a “Day Trader” because sometimes my trades are day trades but more often than not they take place over several days.
I am into penny and micro-penny stocks, which are very cheap and you can buy a lot of shares. Also they go up at a higher rate than other stocks. I
I make sure that the volatility is good and that the volume supports getting in and out quickly.

More to follow…

Streams of income

We will go into each stream in more depth over time but I just wanted to post up a list of some ideas for different streams of income. Kind of like a brainstorm. Hopefully this list will help get the flow of ideas started.

Stock Trading
Dividend Stock Investing
Flipping Houses
Buying real estate to rent
Tax Lien Certificates
Flipping Domain Names
Affiliate Marketing
E-Bay sales
Copy righting
Flipping Automobiles
Pay to Click sites
Online Survey Sites
Multilevel Marketing Companies

If anyone has any other ideas please post a comment.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Law of Success

The Law of Success is one that applies to anyone who wishes to use it. It is a state of mind and course of action through which you can attain anything you wish.

One of the ideas is that anything is possible, so get those negative self defeating thoughts out of your mind. Only think positively and with purpose. Do not accept no for an answer, in other words do not quit. It took Thomas Edison over 10,000 tries to create the light bulb. When asked why he kept on after so many failures he stated that "Those were 10,000 learning experiences, not failures. They are only failures if you let them be and do not learn anything from them."

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Milionaire Mindset

First off I would like to talk about the Millionaire Mindset. Becoming independently wealthy is possible for everyone, there is plenty to go around.
One of the first things you need to do is to take the word "Impossible" out of your vocabulary. Nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it. Through the power of suggestion, visualization, repetition and goal setting you can achieve any level of success you desire.
We will be talking about all these things at length in this blog.
Please feel free to post any comments you may have and or any information you feel may help others to attain their goals. Please do not post any ads, or links to things that make you money, these will be deleted.
Have a positive attitude set your goals high and picture yourself in your mind at the point you want to be in your life.

To help others

We created this site to help others by passing on knowledge we have gained through years of investing and studying how to become successful.
We want to help as many people as we can to financial freedom. We know that phrase has been overused recently, but we feel it fits here very well.
We will be posting up a lot of information we have gained about the stock market, trading, multiple streams of income, real estate, bonds, the millionaire mindset, how to think successfully, how to become successful and about how important it is to pass on this information to others as well as many other topics we think will help others.