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Monday, September 13, 2010

The Law of Attraction

You probably know someone who is great at manifesting the things they desire into their lives. You may even have felt somewhat jealous of that person because it appears they have everything, seemingly getting these things with minimal effort.

As with any other skill people have, manifesting is no different from riding a bike. How good you are at it depends on how efficient you have become at using it and how well you understand it. Although some of us are better at different things that does not mean the rest of us, with practice, can't improve or even surpass the ability that others have.
Those people who are good at using the law of attraction have trained their minds to focus on their desires. They have learned it so well that they often do not realize how they do it. Abundance comes naturally to them.

Getting a better understanding of how the "Law of Attraction" works is the first step in bringing abundance into your life.

We create our own reality. We attract those things in our life (money, relationships, employment, physical health) that we focus on. I wish I could tell you that it is as simple as stating an affirmation, but no affirmation is going to work if your thoughts or feelings are not in line with your affirmations.

When we focus on "having less" we create that experience for ourselves. When we focus on "I hate my job" then we never notice the aspects of our employment that might be satisfying. Just wanting something is not going to bring that into our lives. When we continue to obsess on not having something we want. We will experience "not having" and will ultimately block our true desires.

Another mistake that we make is that we tend to think of abundance in terms of how much money we have in our bank accounts.

When we are focused on "not enough" it will not matter how much money we have, it will never be enough.

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